TSSAA Golf Championships

Tips for Spectators

  • Observe silence throughout each shot and do not move until all players in each group have played or holed out.
  • Place all devices on "silent" mode so they will not disturb or distract competitors. Specators are encouraged to use mobile devices to view the live leaderboard at golf.tssaa.org.
  • Walk on cart path or in rough. Stay out of the fairway and at least 15 yards from any contestant.
  • Do not communicate with players except to applaud good play.
  • You may walk ahead of each group and serve as a spotter and also hunt for lost balls.
  • In the event of inclement weather, an air horn will sound one long blast and spectators should seek shelter immediately. If at all possible, return to your buses or personal vehicles. Avoid open areas, hilltops or high places, isolated trees, golf carts and wire fences.
  • All TSSAA events are tobacco free, including smokeless tobacco.

Viewing the Competition

There are a number of places on the golf course to follow the championship if you are not able to follow groups for the entire round. Good viewing areas are:

  • The area near the gazebo allows you to observe the #1 tee and #18 green
  • The mounds behind the #3 green allow you to see the approach on #3, the green on #5 and the tee shot on #4
  • The mounds between #7 and #8
  • The area behind #11 tee allows you to watch #10 green as well as hole #11
  • The area between #14 tee and #15 green

Course Card

HOLE 123456789 OUT 101112131415161718 IN TOT